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The Assimilate Telephone Communication Skills seminar and workshop can be utilised and customised for any role that relies heavily upon telephone communication, whether it be in telesales or for appointment making etc. The course highlights and develops the key elements of good communication skills.

All aspects of the fundamental telephone communication process are explored to ensure a thorough understanding of the requirements of the role and how to optimise the return from all activities.

Topics include:

  • Telephone prospecting sequence – probe, confirm, match and close
  • Using a prospecting system
  • Working with and optimising existing customer records systems
  • Questioning skill sets to rapidly identify needs and interest
  • Telephone representation of your organisation with professionalism and zest
  • Negotiation and closing skills on the telephone
  • Gaining commitment
  • Follow up and collation of data

The practical workshop focuses on script development and customer records optimisation to test out and develop in-situ, a more successful methodology for gaining commitment from customers.