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This course gives you the skills to utilise the powerful format of online job boards and CV databases, and therefore remove the need for recruitment agency fees.

The methodology of recruiting a new member of staff has changed dramatically in the last 10 – 15 years. Traditionally it involved liaising with the local job centre or even posting an expensive ad to the local paper or trade journal and wait for the applicants to make contact. All recruitment is now undertaken almost exclusively via the internet either directly or via a third party recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies provide an important service to those companies with little time, know-how or resource to search and screen candidates themselves, preferring instead to receive an already screened ‘batch’ of target candidates.

Recruitment agencies almost exclusively use the internet job boards to source CVs but the use of these online sources is not restricted to agencies alone; recruiting companies are able to subscribe and utilise these effective sources.  This therefore raises the prospect and viability of recruiting companies becoming self­-sufficient and bringing the recruitment process in-­house.

The internet job boards provide a source of CVs and a means in which to advertise your vacancy to your own target market.  Subscription fees vary but can often be less than a single recruitment fee, and when purchased on an annual contract, can significantly reduce recruitment costs when seeking to fill multiple job positions.

This one day course will explore:

  • Identifying your needs for this vacancy
  • Understanding employment law essentials for recruitment
  • Generating a Job Description and Role Specification
  • Selecting and utilising job boards within your target market to best effect
  • Advertising your vacancy on the internet
  • Searching for CVs Filtering techniques – what the CV really tells you!
  • Telephone interviewing skills
  • Short-listing
  • Structuring and conducting the formal face to face interview/s
  • Assessing results and final selection
  • Appointment (job offer letter, conditions of employment etc.)

This course is designed for company HR staff and senior managers in companies that do not have an in­-house HR department.  It is fully customised by Assimilate to meet those two distinct set of requirements.


To further enhance your company’s HR ability consider our one-­day ‘Managing Staff Performance’ course.  A discount is available when ‘Recruiting and Interviewing Skills’ and ‘Managing Staff Performance’ are booked together to run on consecutive days.