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Product presentation is a function carried out by a variety of disciplines, from sales, product development, marketing, training etc.  Presentations can take place within small meeting environments or even in front of an auditorium of delegates at a conference.

Developing the skills and knowledge to produce effective presentation can make all the difference between getting a sale, getting a product to market, or effectively training a new user.

This course is able to be fully customised to meet the specific requirements of the presenter and their audience.  Working from common principles we will explore every stage of preparation from research, compiling data, design of the presentation and delivery.

  • Essential preparation
  • Presenting – issues and concerns
  • Questions to aid preparation and planning
  • What am I going to say?Picture credit: © VlLevi / FOTOLIA
  • Research and brainstorm the product and its applications
  • Where to pitch the presentation
  • Structuring the Presentation
  • Communicating clear features and benefits
  • Presenting your company and its USP
  • Balance of visuals with text
  • Developing presentation style
  • Working with your audience
  • Reading their responses and adjusting to suit
  • Developing as a presenter
  • How to achieve your objective
  • Ensuring commitment and understanding, absorption and retention of your message