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Our negotiation training is based on a firm foundation of well understood commercial principles tailored to your business sector to ensure that these skills can be implemented in the field with immediate effect.

The training modules are always customised to our clients’ specific needs taking into account the nature of their business, topical issues currently occurring and of course the highly specific needs of the individual participant. From gaining an understanding of the individual’s current approach to handling competitor bids, we can adapt the training to focus on their own individual ‘bottlenecks’ even if they are not self-aware of these.

As with all our training provision, we adopt a workshop style approach which is very hands on utilising exercises and live examples of how they might encounter a competitor ‘strike’ and how best to handle it. This workshop approach encourages even the most reluctant participant to learn and adopt new approaches and practices, believing them to hopefully make their own lives easier and more productive.

The seminar and workshop addresses the following topics:

  • Reviewing recent encounters with competitors
  • Understanding the value of your offering
  • SWOT analysis of key competitors
  • Building a competitor matrix
  • Understanding your customer and establishing their genuine needs
  • Building the commercial case to buy your product/services
  • Phases of negotiation
  • Gaining commitment
  • Trading concessions
  • Value closing skills
  • Psychology of negotiation