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Our field coaching session implements and cements sales theory into the routine and daily activity of the participant.

A coaching day consists of Alan Rodgers of Assimilate Ltd jointly attending a typical full day of sales calls. Alan is introduced as silent partner, conducting market research, thus putting your customers at ease and providing the opportunity to fully assess the call, whilst recording notes. This also ensures minimum disruption to the day’s agenda for the appointee on the coaching day.

During each call, a comprehensive assessment is completed. At the end of each sales call, feedback is discretely provided to the participant, highlighting both the positive aspects witnessed, but also raising awareness to those areas which would benefit from some improvement.

At the end of each coaching day, the appointee and their manager is provided with a comprehensive report of each call and a summary of the overall day’s activity and performance. This then provides a record from which the appointee can then measure them self and improve upon for the next coaching day.

It is recommended that each selected participant should have 2 coaching days for this training programme. It is also intended that they have at least a one week gap in between the coaching days, to ensure enough time for them to work upon the suggestions provided and thereby maximise the opportunity of improvement by the next coaching day.

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